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Security Scratch Card Printing

Security Scratch Card Printing by Percetakan Tenaga is a high-tech and highly specialized process accustomed with the most stringent requirement and standards in the telecommunication industry.

For over more than a decade of serving and servicing the Telecommunication Industry on a global scale, Percetakan Tenaga has developed a dedicated and an enviable comprehensive ONE-STOP SECURITY PRINTING SOLUTION that specializes in serving the GSM (telecommunication) sector in South-East Asia & Africa.

Our organization owns one of the most advanced scratch card security printing production machinery in South-East Asia which operates fully on state of the art digital automation. The cost per pin can be substantially reduced and allows for a downward spiral cost for the entire value chain.

The complex and sophisticated data management process which has been developed and implemented by Percetakan Tenaga offers absolute confidentiality, protection and safety of data during the entire production chain. Our dedicated process provides custom software for encryption and decryption of data in a highly secured environment which is accredited by our ISO 9001 quality management system.

We offer one of the most updated portfolios for security scratch card as follows :

  • CR 80 : Single Pin
    CR 80 : Single Pin
  • CR 80 : 2 Pin
    CR 80 : 2 Pin
  • CR 80 : 4 Pin
    CR 80 : 4 Pin
  • CR 80 : 5 Pin
    CR 80 : 5 Pin
  • Multipin


In addition , Percetakan Tenaga offers advanced print customisation

Our security Add-ons print features and Tech+ options provide the telecommunication industry the flexibility in print customization thus creating competitive edge, differentiation and stand-out prominence from its peers.

Prepaid Activation Kits Packing Solutions:

The importance of Pre-paid Activation Kits is imbedded in Percetakan Tenaga which offers One-Stop Print & Pack Solution bringing convenience right to your door step.

We offer a wide range of secure retail packaging for prepaid activation kits from paper board to flexible plastic wrapper creatively designed with attractive outlook and appeal, secure storage and are overall cost effective.

Our well-organized and systematic packaging and packing processes are conducted under stringent GMP and ISO 9001 certification on process and environment. Application of our highly creative print technique enables strong branding that delivers across the retail channels.


Printing Telecommunication Cards :: Malaysia Packaging Services :: Scratch Card Production